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Abies Fraseri

“Fraser fir is a slim and conical tree with a wonderful balsam aroma, (some say it smells like Gin and Tonic but I think that is wishful thinking).

It has short dark green needles with a silver underside on compact neat branches giving a full tree of traditional shape, it is a great tree for a smaller room. Our Frasers are pruned to give a nice slim and elegant shape pl.

It has excellent needle retention when put in a water holding stand.”

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0.90m to 1.20m 3ft, 1.20m to 1.50m 4ft, 1.51m to 1.80 5ft, 1.81m to 2.10m 6ft, 2.11m to 2.40m 7ft, 2.41m to 2.70m 8ft, 2.71m – 3.00m 9ft, 3.01m – 3.30m 10ft, 3.31m – 3.60 m 11ft, 3.61m – 3.90m 12ft, 3.91m – 4.20m 13ft, 4.21m – 4.50m 14ft, 4.51m – 4.80m 15ft, 4.81m – 5.10m 16ft, 5.11m- 5.40m 17ft, 5.40m-5.70m 18ft, 5.70m-6.00m 19ft, 6.00m-6.30m 20ft, 6.30-6.90m 21-23ft, 6.90-7.50m 23-25ft, 7.50 – 8.10m 25-27ft


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