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Norway spruce is the traditional choice, lovely shape, dark green colour and a wonderful smell it is the “retro” choice.

We are very proud of our Norway spruce, in 2016 we were runners up in the best norway spruce class.

In 2020 one of our Norway spruce won the best Norway spruce class and was the overall champion tree.

Buy it in mid December and keep it well watered and it should surprise you.

Treat yourself to a champion tree

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picea abies is the traditional Christmas tree we all had through our childhood . Its uniform shape lovely smell and competitive price make it the traditionalists first choice every year. When it is fresh cut from the field and well watered it is surprisingly needlefast but does not last like a Nordmann or Fraser fir.


0.90m to 1.20m 3ft, 1.20m to 1.50m 4ft, 1.51m to 1.80 5ft, 1.81m to 2.10m 6ft, 2.11m to 2.40m 7ft, 2.41m to 2.70m 8ft, 2.71m – 3.00m 9ft, 3.01m – 3.30m 10ft, 3.31m – 3.60 m 11ft, 3.61m – 3.90m 12ft, 3.91m – 4.20m 13ft, 4.21m – 4.50m 14ft, 4.51m – 4.80m 15ft, 4.81m – 5.10m 16ft, 5.11m- 5.40m 17ft, 5.40m-5.70m 18ft, 5.70m-6.00m 19ft, 6.00m-6.30m 20ft, 6.30-6.90m 21-23ft, 6.90-7.50m 23-25ft, 7.50 – 8.10m 25-27ft


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