How to keep your tree looking wonderful!

Christmas Trees in the Barn at York Christmas Trees

Many of our customers ask us for tips on how best to look after our Christmas trees once they get them how. We say  – your Christmas tree should be watered and cared for, just as you would for any house plant – think of your Christmas Tree like a bunch of freshly cut flowers kept in a vase.

To ensure maximum longevity, keep the tree outdoors until it is required indoors and if you have had the tree longer than a week we recommend you saw 5cms off the base of the trunk. Make sure you give your tree water every day and we recommend a Christmas tree stand that holds water.  Keep your stand topped up with water; you will be surprised how much the tree drinks!

It is important to keep your tree away from radiators or other sources of heat.  If you have underfloor heating consider turning the zone off where your Christmas tree is or put your Christmas tree on a mat to try and prevent it from getting too hot.

And finally, sit back and enjoy the wonderful fragrance from your tree while admiring it’s beautiful decorations!